5 Problems That Often Occur On Computers

  • Blue Screen
    Have you had your PC monitor suddenly blue and has confusing writing? Many Windows users experience a Blue screen problem on their PC, this is not a change of background on your PC. If this happens then your PC has a problem, so don’t be happy just yet. If suddenly the PC monitor turns blue then you have to reboot. If the Blue Screen continues, you can see the text on the screen. If you really don’t understand it, the best step is to have it repaired by a computer expert.
  • Slow loading
    Another problem that often occurs on PCs is slow loading or the PC suddenly runs very slowly. If this is the case, the problem may not be due to damage to your PC components. So, don’t rush to buy new components to replace components that you think are damaged. To solve this problem, you can first monitor the ongoing processes while you are working, whether the PC is capable of running heavy programs or not. Second, try to adjust what applications are needed, it could be a slow PC due to too many heavy applications.
  • File sharing is lost
    Frequently missing files are one of the problems on a PC, this can be avoided by regularly backing up files. If indeed the file is still missing, you can check it on the Recycle Bin or you can use special software to find the missing files.
  • Internet connection is less stable
    Many internet users find it unpleasant when they are online because their internet connection is slow or unstable. This occurs frequently on PCs, and if it does, perform diagnostics to help you deal with the slow connection problem.
  • PC often shuts down suddenly
    PC or Laptop that often shuts down suddenly while you are working, this can endanger the data you are working on. Data can be lost because you haven’t had time to save the data and the PC suddenly shuts down. To fix this, you can diagnose some components related or network related to the power on the PC.

7 Causes of a Slow Computer, Which Are As Follows:

  • Lack of memory so that the computer can run normally or even fast, of course, must meet the minimum requirements of a system. That’s why we really need to read the system requirements before installing or using an operating system or application.
  • Too many security programs or computer security programs such as anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and so on will run every time the computer starts up and runs in a free background. Even though it doesn’t seem to work, these programs are actually running on scanning our computer. Not to mention there will be attacks between security programs, for example, Avia will consider SMADAV as a virus or vice versa or other anti-virus programs.
  • The computer is slow because of a virus or malware lodged in a computer that will worsen computer performance. Viruses will eat up a lot of computer resources because they will continue to work to invade all parts of the computer and continue to reproduce themselves.
  • Computers are slow due to overheating or too hot can occur in computer hardware, which most often occurs on the processor. Then memory is VGA Add On.
  • The computer is slow due to hard drive problems. The hard disk is the second component after RAM that can cause the computer to slow down. Slow computer problems caused by this hard drive include:
  • Low space hard drive
  • Fragmented hard drive
  • An old hard drive, so the rpm has decreased
  • Hard disk error / bad sector
  • Computer slow because temporary files swell. Temporary files are temporary files whenever we open and do tasks using an application. Then the computer will store temporary files on the hard disk. The longer it gets bigger and piles up, it takes up hard disk space and slows down computer performance.
  • The computer is slow due to too many startup programs. Startup programs are programs that run automatically every time the computer starts up. Usually, anti-virus programs directly set themselves to run at startup. The more startup programs, the greater the resources needed. Finally, the computer becomes slow. Slow computer solutions can become fast again.
Problems That Often Occur In Slow Computers