Computer equipment is a quick calculation tool for displaying arithmetic operations. Not only for computing, but these computers are also used in many types of work and logic operations. In general, computer equipment and its functions consist of 3 parts, namely input devices, processor devices, and output devices. The following is a function of each component.
For you fans of music and movies, of course, you are very familiar with the speaker device. This is because the speakers can bring a more vibrant audio sensation when you listen to music or watch movies. Although it has been familiar because of using it in everyday activities. If you don’t already know, the following descriptions might add insight.
What are the speakers?
Speakers are hardware devices that have a function to output sound, whether from a computer, DVD Player, MP3 Player, or mobile phone. The sound produced by these speakers can come from processing electrical signals to audio frequencies. In general, the types of speakers can be classified into two types, namely active and passive.

Active and passive speaker definitions
Active speakers are loudspeakers that are equipped with a power amplifier in a box or enclosure. Thus, active speakers do not require additional power amplifiers. Meanwhile, the passive speaker type is not equipped with a power amplifier. So, for passive speakers to function optimally, you must equip them with a power amplifier.
Kinds of speakers

  1. Woofer
    The main function of this type of speaker is to produce low tones or bass sounds. Woofer speakers usually have sound frequencies ranging from 60 Hz to 250 Hz. Woofer speaker sizes on the market vary widely. However, generally measuring 4, 6, and 8 inches.
  2. Sub Woofer
    Subwoofer speakers are specifically designed to produce low audio with a frequency of 20-200 Hz. To produce low frequencies, these speakers require a certain standard called THX. THX is a certification for sound systems. Common speaker sizes are 10, 12, and 15 inches.
  3. Midbass
    This speaker is often referred to as a mid-woofer. The range of sound produced by this midbass speaker is in the range of 80-350 Hz. The sound produced by this type of speaker tends to be medium to low. This condition is inseparable from the size of the speakers which are indeed small because they are only 5-7 inches in size.

If you have read the description above, you can certainly answer the question. In simple terms, speakers are defined as hardware capable of outputting sound from computers, cellphones, MP3 players to DVD players. Then, speakers also consist of two types, namely active and passive where the difference between the two lies in the presence or absence of an amplifier. Finally, these two speakers will be divided back into various types.

Know What Is A Speaker and Distinguish Its Type