A laptop stand is a functional tool that maintains a good sitting position so that the body does not get sore quickly. Today, many laptop stands are equipped with a cooling system. Some are portable and compact. The number of products in circulation may make you confused when choosing. To make a more stable decision when buying, we will explain how to choose and provide recommendations for the best laptop stand products.
The advantages of using a laptop stand
The main advantage is to minimize aches in the body. For example, back pain and shoulder and neck pain due to the constant use of a laptop can be prevented. With a laptop stand, you can adjust the tilt angle of the laptop so that your body position is correct. A good and relaxed position will make the body less tired. Another advantage is to prevent the laptop from overheating (overheating). With a laptop stand, you can make room at the bottom of the laptop for air circulation so that its performance remains optimal. This of course will be very useful, especially when the weather is hot.

How to choose a laptop stand

In this section, we will explain some quick points for choosing a laptop stand. Make the following points as a guide in choosing the right product for you.
Make sure the size matches the size of the laptop
The most important thing in choosing a laptop stand is to choose a size that matches the size of your laptop. The right size stand will certainly add to your comfort when using a laptop.
Check the slope and height of the stand can be changed
Laptop stands that cannot be adjusted tilt and height make sitting position uncomfortable. This has the potential to cause the body to get tired and sore quickly, and can even make your head dizzy. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a laptop stand whose tilt and height can be changed. Of course, it will be difficult to imagine the level of the stand if you only look at the picture. However, if you choose a product that can be tilted manually, it will be easier for you to use it.

Choose a stand that is compatible with an external keyboard
Among the laptop stand models, there is one that can be used like a PC (personal computer). This model allows you to place an external keyboard under the stand. Almost all keyboard sizes, even large ones, can fit between these stands. Bringing a large external keyboard won’t be a problem anymore. This model stand is generally designed to be quite high or have a high tilt angle. With these two things, the eyes can comfortably look at the laptop screen so that the back is no longer too sore.

Make sure the product is easy to carry
Unlike PCs, laptops are designed to be compact and lightweight so you can carry them easily. For that, you should also choose a laptop stand that is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. You can choose a laptop stand that is thin or foldable to make it more compact and doesn’t hinder mobility. You can also carry it in a bag without any difficulties.

Also, check the completeness of the cooling method

Heat is the biggest enemy of laptops. When the temperature of the laptop gets hot, laptop performance can no longer be optimal. Laptops sometimes also close programs and shut down automatically (shutdown) when they are too hot (overheat). To avoid this, you need a laptop stand with a cooling system. Generally, this model stand is made of aluminum which does not trap heat. The stand can also be in the form of a net as ventilation for air circulation or have a cooling fan. Choose the type that you like in addition to considering the design and convenience of use.

How to Choose a Laptop Stand