The differences between IOS and Android are important things that must be known before buying a cellphone. Android and IOS themselves are operating systems that are commonly embedded in smartphones being sold. Both operating systems can beat other operating systems with the advantages and conveniences offered.

Fundamental differences between IOS and Android that you can meet
You can enjoy the technology on IOS and Android in products that are sold today. IOS itself is an operating system made by Apple. Meanwhile, Android was made by Google.
Compared to Android, the iPhone is more intuitive and can of course be used to support its appearance because it is considered more classy. However, you should also know that currently many sophisticated Android phones can of course be used to support daily activities.
Difference between IOS and Android from the outward appearance and specifications
For more details, you can see the differences between the two types of popular operating systems as follows:

  1. From the outward appearance
    In terms of quality, the iPhone is certainly more resilient and reliable. The iPhone smartphone itself is only produced by Apple and not done by other manufacturers. With good quality, it is not surprising that the selling price of the user is still high so that it benefits the owner.
    In terms of appearance, the two products from IOS and Android are equally good. However, iOS with its Iphonennya is considered more attractive because of its high price. No wonder iPhone users seem to be moving up class with this one product.
  2. From the specifications
    You can see this difference in data storage space, security systems, and various other aspects. IOS and android have differences in various aspects, such as:
     Data storage => For data storage problems, iPhone memory cannot be given additional storage space. Unlike Android, which can be given additional storage space so that you can add various types of data ranging from files, music, to videos at will.
     In terms of security => It cannot be denied that from a security perspective, the IOS operating system is considered superior. In this case, the operating system from Apple is difficult to penetrate by malware or viruses. It’s different when we use Android, where sometimes a site appears without us opening it and makes the cellphone get a virus.
     In terms of camera => Compared to Android, the iPhone has better and sharper images. This cannot be separated from the sophisticated embedded in the cellphone. As for Android, the resulting image is usually produced as needed. Some put forward a good front camera or even a rear camera.
     In terms of applications => Android, you can use to download applications that are outside the application store or play store. However, for the iPhone, you can download applications available on the App Store only. Thus, Android is considered to be more flexible in providing easy application download for its users.
     Update version => Differences between IOS and Android in terms of version updates, IOS users are made easy by the manufacturer. While on Android, you have to download the latest version which is quite time-consuming. Not to mention how to find the latest version which is sometimes a little difficult to find because you have to look for the official one.
Difference Between IOS and Android from the Outward Appearance and Specifications