Technology is everywhere, and it’s changing the way humans interact with the world. Many jobs that exist today didn’t exist even five years ago, and many of those revolve around ever-changing technology. Here are 5 jobs for self-proclaimed ‘techies’ to consider as they enter the workforce. 

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining what many companies see as their most customer-facing asset: their website. Web developers not only need a creative mind but also knowledge of complex web languages. 

IT Manager

Responsible for a company’s computer-related activities and demands, IT managers have the opportunity to work closely with not only computers but also people. They need a strong sense of problem solving and research skills.

 Video Game Designer

Video game designers oftentimes get to combine two of their greatest passions – video games and technology. These unique brains are the masterminds behind all of the levels of your favorite games. 

Software Developer

Software developers are often the people behind the simple technology elements we love. Things like ringtones, online games and your favorite phone apps are typically designed and shaped by software developers. 

Circuit Board Technician

While not as well known as some others on this list, circuit board technicians are the ones in charge of printed circuit boards – those layers of wires, tracks, components and pads that make virtually all other electronics work. Without this group, most of the other professionals on this list wouldn’t be able to complete their jobs.

Technology is revolutionizing nearly everything in the world at the moment, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. As humans’ reliance on technology increases, so does our reliance on the people who run it. Exploring the career options that exist can open your mind to all of the possibilities that exist for you if you love technology. 

5 Jobs for People Who Love Technology