2020 Best Tablet Recommendations along with the Latest Specifications and Prices

However, before knowing the best tablet recommendations for 2020, let’s take a peek at a little information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using tablets.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet
• Light, thin, practical to carry
• Equipped with a reliable connection and display facilities, such as wifi and 3G HSDPA technology
• Has a widescreen, which can display a full-page, rather than a smartphone
• Equipped with telephone and SMS facilities, because there is a SIM card slot or cellular model.
• Equipped with a front-rear camera
• Equipped with a touch screen, perfect for playing games
• Its size is thin and wide, making it difficult to receive calls
• The storage capacity is relatively small compared to a laptop or PC
• Durability of the tablet is not as long as a notebook or laptop
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Problems That Often Occur In Slow Computers

5 Problems That Often Occur On Computers

  • Blue Screen
    Have you had your PC monitor suddenly blue and has confusing writing? Many Windows users experience a Blue screen problem on their PC, this is not a change of background on your PC. If this happens then your PC has a problem, so don’t be happy just yet. If suddenly the PC monitor turns blue then you have to reboot. If the Blue Screen continues, you can see the text on the screen. If you really don’t understand it, the best step is to have it repaired by a computer expert.
  • Slow loading
    Another problem that often occurs on PCs is slow loading or the PC suddenly runs very slowly. If this is the case, the problem may not be due to damage to your PC components. So, don’t rush to buy new components to replace components that you think are
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Know What Is A Speaker and Distinguish Its Type

Computer equipment is a quick calculation tool for displaying arithmetic operations. Not only for computing, but these computers are also used in many types of work and logic operations. In general, computer equipment and its functions consist of 3 parts, namely input devices, processor devices, and output devices. The following is a function of each component.
For you fans of music and movies, of course, you are very familiar with the speaker device. This is because the speakers can bring a more vibrant audio sensation when you listen to music or watch movies. Although it has been familiar because of using it in everyday activities. If you don’t already know, the following descriptions might add insight.
What are the speakers?
Speakers are hardware devices that have a function to output sound, whether from a computer, DVD Player, MP3 Player, or mobile phone. The sound produced by these speakers can come … Read More

Difference Between IOS and Android from the Outward Appearance and Specifications

The differences between IOS and Android are important things that must be known before buying a cellphone. Android and IOS themselves are operating systems that are commonly embedded in smartphones being sold. Both operating systems can beat other operating systems with the advantages and conveniences offered.

Fundamental differences between IOS and Android that you can meet
You can enjoy the technology on IOS and Android in products that are sold today. IOS itself is an operating system made by Apple. Meanwhile, Android was made by Google.
Compared to Android, the iPhone is more intuitive and can of course be used to support its appearance because it is considered more classy. However, you should also know that currently many sophisticated Android phones can of course be used to support daily activities.
Difference between IOS and Android from the outward appearance and specifications
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